Smart lighting - the future is now

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The future of smart lighting looks brighter than ever. A report published by Dallas-based market research firm Lucintel, reveals that the global smart lighting market is expected to grow by more than 20 percent in the next five years reaching an estimated value of $17.7 billion worldwide by 2022.

The report states that this growth will be propelled by the rise in the development of smart cities, the increasing use of wireless technology across a multitude of devices and appliances, and the growing awareness of the importance of conserving energy. Europe is expected to remain the largest market due to the increasing standard of living and consistent growth in building automation in the United Kingdom, Germany, and France.

Forward thinking businesses are alive to the benefits that smart lighting can bring — not only to an organisation’s bottom line, but also to its surroundings and facilities, as well as the wellbeing and productivity of the people who work within its walls.  

This is not future-speak. The conversations are beginning now, and businesses are already taking a more sophisticated approach to lighting management that enables them to adapt swiftly and effectively to technology advances.

Will your business ride the wave of smart lighting?


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