Changing perceptions to address challenges in lighting outdoor public areas

09 Nov 11:00 by Source


Over these past few months, I've enjoyed planning and writing the blog on I always find something new to appreciate, or to question, or to learn about the solid-state lighting industry and the people who keep it moving forward every day. And I'm afforded a tremendous opportunity to learn every time I log on to a webcast, in one specific example. Whether it's one of our own or one hosted by another industry representative, I always find something of value and I do enjoy sharing that with the community. I'm not afraid to point out that I am an English major by education and a technology nerd by trade alone. So I can really appreciate the spotlight that recent speaker Bob Parks turned onto the municipal arena and its design needs. The webcast he presented on outdoor lighting should really speak to planners, city engineers, and their consultants. The main thing I learned is that a transition to LED lighting by public authorities needs to be handled with education and communication - with the initial RFP all the way to community outreach...everyone needs help in understanding what's true, what's outdated, and what needs to be customized for each deployment while incorporating best practices that will deliver the quality illumination that people deserve. Head over to the blog to learn more and access a link to the on-demand webcast.