Adrian Caley

Managing Consultant

I am part of the exceptional consulting team here at Panacea. We are a team of specialist consultants, who work together as an excellent team to achieve results for both clients and candidates.

As a dedicated BMS specialist I spend a lot of time interviewing and speaking to candidates to ensure that I understand their skillset and what it is that they aspire to achieve in their careers. I pride myself on taking a real genuine interest in every candidate that I speak to so that I can work in partnership with them to find the perfect company to fulfil their career aspirations.

I am highly competitive and have been all my life. I have played football and cricket to a high standard, and this level of competitiveness allows me to go the extra mile to add value to both candidate and client. I aim to build long standing relationship with everyone that I speak to.

Please feel free to phone on for a chat and I can assist you with finding the right career move for you. I always deal with excellent candidates, so if you’re a business owner looking to grow your workforce then please let me know.

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