Loui Henson

Lighting Team Leader

I am delighted to be part of Panacea as it pushes forward to become the Lighting & Electrical Services industries' top provider for career moves and top quality candidates. I pay a particular focus to the details that really count, which ensures I provide moves that fit both parties. My cotinued aim is to make a lasting impression on the industry.

Interviewing is such a key part of any recruiter’s role. My aim is to really discover the little details that are important for a personal fit with the business, as I truly believe if the procedures and people of a business match well with someone's needs, that is where performance is born.

Me? Well, I am a Chemistry graduate who talks too much for the lab! Sciences now being more of a hobby and passion. Nowadays, you will find me jumping at my recruiters desk celebrating the success of the team at Panacea.

Please give me a call at the office on 0117 973 8090, for an honest, detailed conversation with the aim to help you in the best way I can.


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